Fast start

One click to import your works and manage them by category and label

Easy to start
Easy to start

Without mastering any script knowledge, you can start creating short videos or film and television scripts

Easy to migrate
Easy to migrate

Support Celtx, final draft, word, fade in and other mainstream script creation software formats, and can be migrated quickly

Easy to use
Easy to use

The best text editor + the best script brain mapping software, the creator can come and go freely between inspiration and text

Powerful functions

We provide original script organization structure management. You can easily organize volumes, seasons, episodes, scenes and scenes

Film script
Film script
Tv script
Tv script
Short video script
Normal script
Serial script
Serial script

Exclusive four core functions

Around the creation of scripts, we have used a lot of innovation to enable users to organize inspiration into words in the most efficient way

Excellent script editing module

Provides a variety of paragraph formats such as common scenes, dialogue, antithesis, outline and notes to write scripts visually

Multidimensional role design module

Visual role design, fast role selection in input, and fast role generation function from original, anchor, star to role set enable you to freely manage script roles

Excellent brain map management module

The plot of a good script is always full of twists and turns, which requires the brain to continuously provide energy. Our brain map management tool can let you come and go freely between inspiration and words

Rich script publishing module

We provide rich extensions to enable you to quickly publish the script to the target demand side, including anchor, film and television companies, third-party platforms, etc


Support 9 script format

Include XScrip Format,Celtx Format ,Final Draft Format,Fountain Format,Fade In Format,Word Format,txt Format

12 Script Paragraph

Scene, dialogue, action, transition, pagination, line feed, lyrics, remarks, large, small and medium titles, notes

3 content editing modes

Traditional script mode, Hollywood mode and wechat chat mode

10 formats support export

Pdf format, HTML format, word format, text format, Celtx format, final draft format, fadein format, fountain format, one writing format, one script format

7 intra line formats support

Center, bold, italic, strikeout, underline, translation, in line remarks

3 color matching modes

Dark, light and colorful patterns

3 input modes

In Zen mode, users get the largest editor area; In focus mode, only the content edited by the user is highlighted; In typewriter mode, the content scrolls up in the center of the screen

2 kinds of theme support

Dark and light color theme support, which can be automatically changed with the system. Up to 8 theme colors can be provided under each theme

10 + outline views

Multiple outline view support to meet your personalized needs

Desktop screenshot

Include windows,osx and linux platform


You can get help through online customer service, telephone, wechat, short video live broadcast and other ways

XScript is a barrier free creation tool for entry-level writers. You can quickly create works with beautiful format according to the model provided by us, just as you can take art photos with iPhone without knowing how to operate SLR:)

Xscript is a pure writing tool software, which does not involve copyright issues, nor does it require users to sign up or register. It is similar to writing in word, but we can provide more professional services

You can convert your scripts and scripts into digital format by importing, so that all your characters, scenes and dialogues can be reused. At the same time, you can also classify and manage your works through file racks and marks. In addition, we also provide the function of integrated text book