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A simple and powerful platform for the creation of short scripts and happy videos for consumers

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We have everything ready for script creation, except your creativity

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There is no best script, only one that suits your talents.

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Media Creator
Media Creator

Easy transformation, easy realization and easy powder absorption.


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Video Creator

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Media company

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Innovation and subversion

Traditional script ecology is a small industry ecology full of protectionism, which is far from keeping up with the requirements of the information age of interconnection of all things and the growing needs of netizens. Some disruptive revolutions are needed

Screen Format

The new script format makes the script easier to understand and shoot. Retain the positive elements of the old script format and add some new era script elements

Script Editor

Tools can always bring a great improvement in efficiency and reduce the difficulty of learning. Coming to the play itself is an excellent short video creation tool, which can enable startups to write works with beautiful format without threshold

Script copyright

According to the needs of screenwriters at different levels, the script will be shared from free to paid reading and use, and a diversified copyright system will be established

Script ecology

Liberate script creators and consumers, train a new generation of script writers and help self media writers transform, so as to make script creation a popular writing media. Expand the level of script consumers, from companies, groups to individuals

Script Trading

Organically link script creators and script consumers through their works, and speed up script trading, transformation and evaluation and the rationality of pricing through screenwriter rating and consumer feedback

Film and television script

The creation of film and television scripts has lagged behind the level of film and television production and theater communication for a long time, and the lack of a large number of backup creators is one of the main reasons.

Video Guide

The video shows how to quickly create a 1-minute small video script.

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We provide Android and apple clients, so that you can easily create, distribute and trade scripts through the mobile terminal